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50 ml "ITS TIME" Aroma Mists

50 ml, Amber bottles with Fine Mist Sprayers
Bring the power of aromatherapy into your life easily with our NEW "It's Time" Aromatherapy Mists. Each therapeutic formulation has a combination of essential oils to help with situations we all face daily.

Our sophisticated Aromatherapy mists with pure therapy grade essential oils are made without chemicals and are 100% natural. You can spray them directly on the skin - body and/or face (avoid your eyes) healing and toning your skin and providing a natural perfume effect, as well as delightfully lifting your mood. They can also be used as beautiful room sprays producing a wonderful fresh and fragrant atmosphere and eliminating odours. Or use as linen sprays - spray a little on pillows, linens or any fabrics; a little goes a long way.
And don't forget that you can reuse the bottle by making your own spray with a few drops of any 5Elementals essential oil and water.

Wholesale Min Order Qty 3 per scent.

We apologize for the inconvenience and will let you know when back up... Thank you. AR

Its Time Set of 18

Set of 18 Mists - 3 of each scent.
Wholesale only....

Energize Mist


Revitalizing & Cooling
You need to keep on going. Maybe you play a sport, workout, take the dog for a walk, or run aroun...

Motivate Mist


Uplifting & Cheerful
Ok, it's time to get to work. Whether it's at home, at the workplace, or at school, you need Motiva...

Sweet Dreams Mist


Tranquil & Sleepy
It's been a long day - it's a nice time of the day when it's bedtime! Curl up with a good book, soft m...

Time Out Mist


Soothing & Comforting
We all know it's going to happen sooner or later -something stressful will occur and we will despera...

Unwind Mist


Relaxing & Calming
The day is almost over, and your major tasks are done-it's time to Unwind. A chat with the loved ones, ...

Wake Up Mist


Invigorating & Awakening
It's time to Wake Up -and you don't just have to rely on a jolt of caffeine to pry your eyes open...

Tester- For Wholesale Use


10ml tester bottle with tamperproof dropper cap only. - Any Scent- Not for retail sale....

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