5 Elementals Magical Aromatherapy Candles & Products

Essential Oils Guide


Stamina / Childhood

Calming, cleansing, promotes health. Dispels insomnia, helps with lung congestion & infections. Clears confusion and irritability. Purifying & grounding.


Healing / Uplifting

Known as an aid for chest & lung congestion & infections, as well as muscle pain. Eases breathing, an expectorant and antiseptic. Promotes clear thought and communication.


Rejuvenating / Diet Aid

Suppresses the appetite, reduces cellulite. Balances body fluids, cleansing and fresh. Reduces stress, promotes happiness and feelings of youthfulness.


Balance / Stress Relief

Releases anger, confusion, fear, sadness, panic, impatience & instability. Helps with insomnia, headaches, sunburns & indigestion. Promotes general health, calming, relaxation, peace & comfort. Health, love, peace.


Strengthening / Aphrodisiac

Anti-depressant, deodorant, sedative in low doses, stimulating in higher doses. Great on dry, cracked skin. Useful for skin problems like acne & eczema. Overcomes unpleasant tastes and smells. Promotes physical energy, money energies, sex.


Cleansing / Spiritual

Fresh, uplifting and cleansing; promotes contemplation., spiritual knowledge, grounding and meditation.


Energy / Pain Relief

Clears the mind and heart, refreshes and awakens. Helps breathing ailments, headaches, muscle pains, stomach disorders and coughs, especially when used as a massage oil. Dispels mice.


Perception / Concentration

Promotes memory, dispels forgetfulness, irritability & anxiety. Helps with indigestion, infection, muscle pain & stress. Good for burns, hair loss, and stomach pains. Promotes health, longevity.

Tea Tree

Therapeutic & Healthy

Antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal. Helps with infections, wounds, immune system, lung, sinus, mouth infections. Good for all kinds of rashes, and protects the skin from radiation, dispels fleas, ticks & lice. Strength builder, both emotionally & physically. Great before & after operations, hospital stay, or at sick beds.

Airbound Blend
Lavender, Tangerine & Patchouli

Empowerment & Self-esteem

Personal power, courage, creativity, inspiration & confidence. Brings air element energies such as movement, travel, communication, teaching, and overcoming additions.

Firelight Blend
Cinnamon Leaf, Palmarosa & YlangYlnag

Passion & Romance

Fascinating & alluring, romantic, promotes friendships & partnerships of all kinds. Brings fire element energies such as sexual energy, protection, strength, and breaking habits.

Earthgift Blend
Spruce, Fir Needle & Bergamot

Motivation & Energy

Stimulation, motivation; promotes abundance and energy, uplifting. Brings earth element energies such as money, business, material objects, foundation, stability, security and grounding.

Spiritsense Blend
Rosemary & Sandalwood (Amyris)

Knowledge & Meditation

Clears and awakens mind, meditative, contemplative. Great for studying, as it helps remembrance of learning. Bring one closer to the universe, God, Angels, Ancestors, Messengers and Higher Powers.

Waterside Blend
Lavender, Rosewood & Cedarwood

De-Stressing & Relaxing

Release tension, promote tranquility, calming, stress relief,; brings a sense of control back. Brings water element energies such as love, purification, psychic awareness, healing, friendships, beauty, spirituality and meditation.

Acheway Blend
Sweet Birch, Peppermint & Ginger

Sore or Overworked Muscles & Join Pain

Pain relieving and soothing for muscles after workouts, sports, or a hard day. Good for arthritis join pain as well. Masssage 5-10 drops directly onto muscles or joints. Or use 10-20 drops in a bath while relaxing in the hot water.

Head Relief Blend
Peppermint, Lavender & Juniper Berry

Headache & Migraine relief

Pain relieving and calming for headaches, migraines, and even stomach problems. Burn for 20-30 minutes while relaxing in darkened room.

Sniff BGone Blend
Eucalyptus, Lemon & Tea Tree

Allergy & stuffy nose relief

Nostril & head clearing, a natural decongestant for your nasal passages. Use with tissues handy!

SleepyTime Blend
Rosewood, Sage & Lavender

Sleep & Restfulness

Allows a state of gentle, restful sleep. Safe for 2nd & 3rd trimester pregnant women, babies and toddlers. Burn for 20-30 minutes before sleep in bedroom.

Good Mood Maker Blend
Sw. Orange, Lemongrass & Clary Sage

Tension & Anxiety

An uplifting action and irritibility-chaser. Helps whenever you are feeling overwhelmed, tense, angry or frustrated. Good for "road rage".

NEW!!! Womankind Blend
Grapefruit, Ylang Ylang & Clary Sage

Moodiness & Clarity

For depression, mood swings and anxiety. Helps give more clarity, calming and focus to the environment. Great for PMS! Use in a diffuser, as an inhalant, or in a bath.

NEW!!! Body Boost Blend
Cinnamon Leaf, Lavender & Eucalyptus

Building & Strengthening

For building, protecting and strengthening the immune system. Use in a diffuser, as an inhalant, or in a bath.

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